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Evelyn & Alan with Ollie (the real Top Dog) in 2004. Rescued in 1993 at the age of 2, Ollie filled our home and our lives with joy until he peacefully passed in 2007 at the age of 16. He remains in our hearts and souls forever.


Evelyn Morris Hecht, a basically self taught designer and artist, spent 15 years in the New York fashion industry. Her experience includes designing under her own label EVELYN MORRIS, and a variety of positions in established fashion houses.
After rescuing her first dog Ollie, an abused Bichon Frise, Evelyn started using her talent as an artist to do dog portraits, with the intention of someday turning them into a business that could contribute to the cause of animal rescue.  With Ollie as the inspiration as well as a frequent subject, the business Top Dog Art was created in 2004.
Top Dog Art benefits a variety of rescue groups with donations of art.  Evelyn has also been a member of the Pastel Society of North Carolina since 2001 and creates custom portraits solely in pastel.  


“The dogs that I am moved to draw and paint are not necessarily the ideal AKC standard for their breed, or even completely purebred. I am attracted to them by their common yet individual unifying quality – that of a very expressive and special soul essence. There are those that say that animals do not possess souls, but I feel differently. As I gaze into their eyes, I sense a quality and an energy that can only be described as ‘one with the universe’.”